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Okay, so you've made the decision to put something awesome from Numskullz Creature Shop in your yard or business this Halloween. How will this process work?

I am conceiving Numskullz as primarily a rental-based endeavor; clients would essentially rent wardrobed, articulated, and installed skeletons for the month of October (or any other occasion you may need a hyper-articulated skeleton display which as has been established are varied and plentiful).

Here's how I imagine this would go.

Step 1: Reach out to to kick things off to set up a meeting / consultation.

Maybe you have a great idea in mind for a skeleton display already, or maybe you just know you want something that will look awesome in your yard. As the bulk of the work for your unique display will occur in the spooky season off-season, wherever you are in your skeleton display journey, it's never too early to reach out and get the ball rolling.

Step 2: Let's meet!


Let's discuss your yard or store space, your sensibilities, ideas you may have, etc. Perhaps you're more interested in having your space used as a blank canvas for me to figure out something fun to do with. I am down to collaborate to arrive at something unique and befitting your home, family, or business.

Step 3. I create a proposal.


Including broad plans, 'pose' inspiration photo samples, sketches of potential layouts, what the challenges might be in what we've conceived, possible solutions, etc.

Step 4. We agree upon a price.

Half payable upon commission, the second half payable upon installation seems reasonable. De-installation will be free. 

Step 5. I build your custom 'characters' in my creature shop.

Numskull's Creature Shop.jpeg

Totally normal garage.

Ideally this happens long before October. This includes any necessary skeleton modifications, wardrobing, tailoring, articulation, and posing.

To stand and pose the skeletons I use a shepherd's hooks, marionette crosses, fishing line, wire, and ground stakes to essentially "puppet-ize" them. The process generally involves a bit of trial and error and a lot of knot tying before I have achieved the result I am after. Admittedly none of this is rocket science, but every skeleton is its own puzzle to solve.

Step 6. Installation!

The fun part. Given that most of the work has been completed prior to installation day, hopefully this should be mostly plug n' play.

Installation includes setting up spotlights for each subject, as well as laying out the necessary electrical cords. I will of course take great care to secure all wiring to mitigate any potential trip hazards.

The goal for yard installations would be to install the first or second week of October, to take advantage of peak fall foliage. De-installation would happen on or around the weekend following Halloween.

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